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Search Engine Optimisation
Are your customers finding you online?

Promote Having a good position in the search engines is crucial to the promotion of your business - if potential customers see your competitors instead of you, you are missing out on opportunities.

The majority of people using the Internet are now using search engines to find information on a particular topic. Having a great website is now not enough, businesses need to optimise their site to ensure they are found in the major search engines.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps to raise awareness about your products and services, by improving your position within the search engines and enabling your potential customers to see you when they search for a product or service that you offer.

How can SEO help with promotion?

SEO is a great way to enforce your promotional activity because it helps your products and services be seen when your potential customers search for them on a search engine. If you don't work on the SEO for your website, it may only be your competitors that your customers see, meaning you could be missing out on business opportunities.

As well as promoting particular products and services, SEO helps to raise your brand awareness in general. Having a great website is no longer enough, you need to cover the steps before a person reaches your website as well, and that is where SEO comes in.

What we do

Our starting point is the same for all of our services, we get to know who you are as a business. Our research helps us to identify your target audiences and what keywords they are likely to use when searching online. We then tailor your SEO to these keywords with the aim of getting you the highest position possible. SEO is an ongoing process and has to be worked on frequently to improve and maintain your positioning.

We have a proven track record and are results driven - our goal is to get you the best return possible.

Our SEO Service

Depending on the SEO strategy developed for your business, our SEO services can include:

  • Optimisation of your website
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Quarterly/Monthly Reports
  • Intensive Link Building

All of the above helps to keep your SEO activities on track and help you to reach the highest possible ranking in the major search engines.

To find out more on how Virtuoso can help you with SEO, please get in touch on 0191 386 7373 or email us at [email protected]