Virtualization Security

Published: 2021-09-15 07:20:10
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In computing, Virtualization means to create a virtual version of a device or resource, such as a server, storage device, network or even an operating system where the framework divides the resource into one or more execution environments. The current and future applications for computer virtualization and storage are enormous and right now potentially at risk. According the analyst firm Gartner, Cloud computing is fraught with security risks. Cloud computing has "unique attributes that require risk assessment in areas such as data integrity, recovery, and privacy, and an evaluation of legal issues in areas such as e-discovery, regulatory compliance, and auditing," Gartner says. (Jon Brodkin, July 02, 2008 Network World.)
In this day and age of computing and storage, customers must demand transparency, avoiding vendors that refuse to provide detailed information on security programs. Currently data storage requires a large data warehousing facilities with cooling systems and onsite IT administration. With the application of cloud computing networking and security is more at risk now than ever before. Gartner has given examples for: Seven cloud-computing security risks.
1. Privileged user access would now be processed outside the enterprise. Because outsourced services bypass the "physical, logical and personal controls" IT shops exert over in-house programs.
2. Regulatory compliance. Customers are ultimately responsible for the security and integrity of their own data, even when it is held by a service provider.

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