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Published: 2021-09-06 23:40:24
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Pet product
"TOMS Shoes"

Reebok, Nike, Uggs, and Vans are ll famous shoe companies that have been in the shoe industry for long time. These strong brand names in the shoe industry made it hard for the infant shoe companies to enter the industry. However, Toms Shoe Company was able to penetrate the industry in 2006 with it massage " One for One" and take place in the shoe market. This paper will analyze the following objectives:
* Company's profile
* Product 'TOMS shoes' information
* Survey analysis
* TOMS shoes marketing and campaign

Company's Profile:
In January 2006 Blake Mycoskie established Toms Shoes Company. The idea of creating Toms shoes came to him after a visit to Argentina with friends to party, but what happened that he noticed the common Argentina shoes ' the Espadrille', also he noticed that a lot of children are without shoes and suffering from illness, because of walking barefoot. Those observations lead him to come-up with an idea of a company with a premise: every pair of shoe you buy, Toms will give on to a child in need. Mycaskie started his idea through launching a website and selling shoes to friend and family, in 2006 an article in The-Time wrote about Toms and its massage, that helped increasing Toms sales and expanding out of his loft to a warehouse in Santa Monica, which is the headquarter located today. Toms also expanded to more than shoes and started to produce T-shirts. Toms massage is ' One for One' so every two weeks through the year CEO of Toms Company, Blake Mycoskie, his employees, and a couple of volunteers travel to countries where there is a huge number of children in need for footwear, they call it "Drop Shoe Trip". Toms first drop shoe trip they gave up more than 10,000 shoes to children in need and the number is rising every year (scrib, N.D). Toms target audiences are teenagers and college students aged from 15-25. In addition, Toms position it self by business with an important cause and massage, which motivates people to purchase their products and share the massage (Toms shoes, N.D)

Product Information: " The Toms Shoes"
The shoes design is an imitation to the Argentina's common shoe " the Espadrille" with a lot of improvements of the fabric, material, and colors. Toms shoes are made from hemp and recycled bottled parts in overseas manufacturers. Also, Toms is known for their physical characteristics, such as, simplicity, diversity of colors and patterns, and comfortability. In addition, to the pride Toms creates in its customers mind

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