The Two Fridas by Frida Kahlo

Published: 2021-09-14 08:30:10
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"The Two Fridas." By Frida Kahlo (Mexico 1907-1954) was a Mexican painter move by the atmosphere of the great Mexican Murals of her time. Her paintings were an entirely personal creation and a deeply metaphorical at the same time, derived from his exalted sensibility and several events that marked his life. At the age eighteen, Frida Kahlo had a very serious accident that forced a long convalescence, during which she learned to paint and that most likely influenced the formation of the complex psychological world that is reflected in his works. She married muralist Diego Rivera with whom she later divorced, a reality that struck deep in her delicate sensibilities. Nevertheless, her self-portraits is very popular and very complex in meaning and interpretation as in "Self Portrait with Monkeys" and the one we want to present, "The Two Fridas."
The Mexican bohemian artist Frida Kahlo completed In 1939 one of her major significant self-portraits, The Two Fridas or Las Dos Fridas (in Spanish ). This work of art depicts the conventionally Mexican minded, traditionally Mexican fully clad Frida wound and expose, sitting next to, and holding the right hand of the strong, independent, cosmopolitan Frida, who is visibly the guard of the most weak, more conventional Frida. The hearts of both Fridas are evident, and the heart is cut and torn open in the traditional Frida. The main artery, which comes from the torn heart down to the right hand of the traditional Frida, is severed. She uses surgical pincers to try to stem the flow of blood, yet it continues to drip down onto her white dress, forming an expanding crimson pool. The heart of the strong Frida, however, is fully intact and is feeding lifeblood through a connecting vein to the weaker, traditional Frida. What is it that has left the traditional Frida in such a wretched state, and more importantly, what is it that has allowed the strong Frida to remain not only unscathed, but in a position to feed and protect the other. Henry M. Sayre. Frida; The two Fridas. New Jersey, Sanddle River, 2007
The sturdy Frida in Kahlo's visual rendering The Two Fridas is the person she became when she comprehend that her society's behaviour and cultural outlook were unrealistic and inaccessible. The conventional Frida does not convey any physical disability in the portrait. Instead, what is laid before the audience is a woman whose traditional clothes are torn and stained, her shattered heart exposed. What is seen is a woman beaten down by the life she was expected to live. The conventional Frida's saving grace is that the strong Frida recognized these quixotic demands for what they were, and accustomed her life consequently. What came out is the Frida Kahlo that feminists proudly have been able to grasp up as an image of power, rugged individualism, and leadership. William Bachilla. The two Fridas. Mexico 2009

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