The Ten Commandments of the Bible

Published: 2021-09-14 08:10:09
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In the world of business, employees should always work dutifully and follow the responsibilities given to them. As Christians, God has given each of us a responsibility that we are to fulfill in the career path He has chosen for our lives. In Colossians 3:23-24, God has promised us that when we do our duties, He will reward us in a manner of His choosing. When we enter the business world, not only will we be working for someone in charge of us, but we will also be serving the Lord in our duties as an act of service unto Him. This is why it is vitally important to remain in obedience unto the Lord.
Many of us will face circumstances, decisions, or choices in the business world that could strongly test our faith. As a Christian, I believe there are many ways I can apply biblical principles to a career. I choose to always work diligently, to fulfill my tasks every day, and to follow God's commandments. The Ten Commandments of the Bible summarize God's laws and principles that I will use as a guideline to always promote my faith, morals, and ethical values. One way to promote my faith is to avoid unnecessary labor on the Sabbath Day; just as the fourth commandment states, "To honor the Sabbath day by keeping it Holy." Another one of the Ten Commandments I could use to practice my responsibility to society is to always be honest and trustworthy in my career field. As an employee working in the business world, there will be many times I could be tempted to steal or witness someone else around me stealing something from the company. In the eighth commandment, not only does God forbid stealing, but He also forbids all theft including the theft that you may witness by someone else. My duty, as a Christian, will be to act responsibly and truthfully (if that kind of situation were to happen to me.) And lastly, another example of the Ten Commandments that I could use to practice my responsibility to society is to not give false testimony. Being dishonest, twisting facts, and telling half of the truth are all ways to give false testimony. This command has obvious suggestions for Christians that try to advertise, sell, or promote something within their business. When trying to advertise, sell, or promote something within a business, the employee should always remain honest and trustworthy.
As a Christian, the best way to remain obedient to the Lord is to follow His commands and principles that He has laid before us. Being able to apply the Ten Commandments to a business standpoint will certainly help me as I act responsibly and impact society. Even though I will be faced with non-Christians in my business career field, my faith still needs to be revealed amongst everyone around me. I want to be capable of demonstrating and developing a Christian perspective in the business world.

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