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Published: 2021-09-10 17:10:09
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The Lecture we had today on the introduction to building environment was a bit confusing; nonetheless I still found some meaning to it. I had to make sure that I found a book that was able to give a more vivid explanation of the building environment lecture. My style of learning is such that after each lectures I have to set what I have been taught into practice for example in one class where we studied health and safety law I read a few journals which talked about its implementation and also wrote some blogs about it in some websites to be able to get the laws and principles stuck into my head.
In class my styling of taking down information is to briefly take notes in bullet style which can be easily expatiated on. I feel the art of taking information is much more of an individualistic thing; this is due to the fact that every individual has his or her way of processing information, I use key words which can easily cast my mind on a whole sentence or sometimes I use short acronyms in a form like an analogy so it puts into practice a whole sentence in an everyday life format and style. In all of this I found out that Time management was the most important skill of all.
Time management has always been the bane of a lot of students including me but however I personally have taken the steps to implement a few strategies to enable me utilize my time to the maximum. This is very essential to me because after lectures I have a mixed blend of religious activities to attend and without proper time management I would probably fall short of finishing my assignments.

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