The Industry of a Call Center

Published: 2021-09-02 18:50:13
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Technology has been there for us since from the start to make things easier to do with. It has increasingly advanced it's ways to make sophisticated things simpler and understandable. Good bye to the age old concept of people serving every function within a company. Consumers demand more for less, and the only way for companies to answer that call is to stay competitive by saving money and to fatten up the bottom line. This usually means a company must reduce it's manpower as an effort to achieve this goal.

The Call Center industry is amongst one of them wherein manpower is most likely efficient. For instance: Opinionology, formerly Western Wats, has been profoundly known of its existence because of its integral service in the market research industry. Doing research basis over the phone and tabulating data according to client basis instead of on a house to house basis does help a lot and improves productivity. I chose this type of business to share what's it like under the field.

When people me ask what I do for a living I always tell them that I'm working at an "Operations Center". Normally I get a confused and somehow amused reaction, followed by the satisfaction of explaining what I meant and marks the start of interesting conversations. I do work in a corporate setting being a market researcher under the B2B (business to business) Account for one of the call centers here in Cebu. I work on the overnight shift. Thus, I sleep most likely during the day and wide awake all night. Other than the permanent eye bags and having to limit my day activities I have been working the night shift for over four years and loving it. And why I do I like it?

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