The Basseri Culture

Published: 2021-09-13 10:15:09
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The Basseri culture is one of the traditional Pastoral nomads who inhabit in Iran. The Basseri speak dialect of Faris. But the majority knows only the Basseri dialect, but there few that speak Turkish or Arabic. In these research paper I will be writing a little of the aspects that identify the Pastoralism. I will also be writing about the Basseri culture and the many aspects that identify their economy, social organization and religion.
Pastoralism is an economy based on herding. They mainly maintain herds of animals and use their products to support themselves. They also exchange their products to other The Basseri of Iran
neighborhood tribes. Pastoralists are generally nomadic and they usually follow their herds in search of food and water. The Basseri is one of a prime example of a pastoral tribe and are a tribe that is tent dwelling living in South of Iran. They raise sheep and goats, camels and donkeys are only used for draft work. Horses are used by headmen and only the ones that are wealthier.
Essential Pasture is very important and a big part of the Pastoral economy of the Basseri culture. Their flock cannot survive a year without pasture. Therefore, they have to migrate to other plains to seek for good pastures for their herds. In the winter snow

covers the mountains in the North leaving poor pastures. In early March in the far South, the pasture progressively dies out. Good pastures are available during the summer in areas above 6,000 feet, but grass dries up later in the summer.
All of the major tribes have traditionally traveled in their seasonal migrations. The tribes have a scheduled of pasture occupations in different locations, which is a combination of schedule and routs that are constituted by their Il-rah. An Il-rah is regarded by the tribesmen as the property of the tribe. The implicit within the concept of Il-rah is the rights to pass roads and over uncultivated lands, they can also draw water from everywhere except private wells, and to pasture flock only outside cultivated fields. These rights are recognized by the local population and authority.

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