Ten Commandments

Published: 2021-09-14 01:05:10
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The Ten Commandments
The response of the Ten Commandments is one of the most significant events of the Old Testament. The Ten Commandments are written in Bible in Exodus 34:28 and also in Deuteronomy 4:13. The Ten Commandments, the movie by Cecil B. DeMille is a remarkable Bible Epic which describes the tale of Moses from his birth to his philosophical leadership in leading the families of Israel out of Egypt. It also included a biblical story of Exodus, in which Egyptian prince Moses has been prophet between god and the other people. Also, Moses turn into the deliverer of the Hebrew slaves.
Every time a story has been told there has always been few changes made by the narrator and even in this movie there are some changes been made in the movie compared to the Bible's Exodus story, Such as Moses' brother Aaron is an important strong figure who not only performs certain plagues on Egypt but also saves the people on one occasion. When in the movie Aaron is shown to be minor character outside of his role in the golden-calf scene. Second and most importantly no biblical texts mention that the commandments were split evenly, five and five. There are other story told in the movie which were not mentioned in the bible which included: Moses fights the pharaoh's real son for the sequence to the Egyptian throne, Moses fasted whole day and prayed whole night before each plague, Bithia who had saved Moses from the river, came to Moses on the night of the tenth plague and the angel of the lord took the form of green smoke that flew across the land. From a Christian viewpoint, the main variance is in the purpose of the exodus as related by the movie and by the Bible. The film takes the point that 'freedom' was the main purpose of the exodus. The difficulty with this position is that the freedom that was given them was that a entire cohort died in the desert, and only the kids were allowed into the Promised Land.

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