Tangle Wood Case 2 & 5

Published: 2021-09-01 15:50:14
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Tanglewood Case 2&5 1B: (4505,600,493,69,33)[pic 1]1C: First issue Tanglewood may encounter is the employees being hired in the urban areas then transferred to small locations in order to move up. Sometimes this relocation option may not be the best option presented to employees. Second, working retail has a bad stigma attached to it as it requires long hours, low pay and hiring of lower level employees. Third, the expansion in many professional and managerial sectors of the labor market may reduce the number of available people to be hired. Therefore, Tanglewood will have a harder time filling vacancies. 1D: After conducting year end totals for each job and doing a gap analysis to determine shortages, results were as follow. For store associates 3995 external hires will be needed. For shift leads 90, department managers 156, assistant store managers no shortage or external hiring needed and store manager 5 will be needed.  1E: Action plan for hiring in Washington next year.Based on the organizations forecast of labor requirements and staffing numbers used from last year Tanglewood will need extensive amount of external hiring. As discussed earlier in each and every position except for assistant store manager shortage will occur and external hiring needs to happen. As a result, it is a strong recommendation for Tanglewood to consider different methods of filling vacancies. For instance, brining in recent college graduates or individuals with experience could be one of the solutions. Second solution as external hires are hired, promote and encourage for these new hires to spend some time before being hired in the store to have a better understanding on Tanglewood culture and values. While looking at table 1.3 the percentage of females and minorities seem to be out of line in multiple areas. For instance, shift leaders goal is 76% while only 56% of females fulfill that percentage. Also, department manager for females goal is 71% while only 42% attain to that goal. Lastly, shift leaders with minorities have a goal of 78% while only 21% seem to have that position. As we take a look at these numbers we can conclude that Tanglewood does have a disparity representation of different groups and have series problem with hiring discrimination against protected groups.  Based on our analysis it is most recommended for Tanglewood to change their recruiting and promotion plan. Tanglewood only promotes from within the company, it causes some issues such as availability for staffing, shortage and lack of external talent that Tanglewood would miss on. It is realistic for Tanglewood to meet their affirmative action goals in a single year.  As long as recruiting, planning, data collecting and  the new hiring process is done and accomplished within the time period. Some of the pros of using internal hiring is the motivation the current employees will have toward a promotion. The amount of hard work and dedication internal employees will apply to the job toward earning a hire status job would increase. Also, it allows for employees to start at the base level jobs at Tanglewood, earn experience in multiple departments and have a better understating of the culture the company presents. Cons of using internal hiring is promotion based on seniority. As some individuals at Tanglewood may be with the company for many years but yet may not be the best fit for the job. Also, internal hiring can be a disadvantage as it moves individuals around but still leaves a vacancy into one of the positions or the old position of the person being promoted. Lastly, internal hiring does promote lack of diversity, new prospective and ideas that the company can gain from external talent.

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