Swot Analysis on Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Published: 2021-09-14 00:30:09
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Kimberly-Clark Corporation is one of the nation’s global marketers with a large range of products that or used in offices, homes, and corporate industries. We specialize in health care and personal hygiene products. Kimberly-Clark Corp started there established in 1872 in Wisconsin, USA the company is now the world’s largest supplier with paper products for home, business, health care and office (Kimberly-Clark 2007). “We have 58,000 employees working at manufacturing facilities in 37 countries” (Kimberly-Clark.com).” In 2014, we have a net profit of 21.1 billion in sales Kimberly-Clark is well- known throughout 175 countries for its brand of quality and service. Kimberly-Clarks mission is to supply customers with the best customer care and products thought out the global communities (Kimberly-Clark 2007).”

Mission Statement
“Kimberly-Clark has set values since the company was foundered to serve customers with the best of quality. These are the values of which our Team leaders and employees our rewarded. The background of Kimberly-Clark is about being committed to the communities in which we serves. With honesty and caring, we are committed to new ideas and we respect the needs of our customers. These are the values that have helped establish our company to become one of the leading companies that produce health and hygiene products that are used by many business professionals, and families around the Globe (Kimberly-Clark).”
SWOT Analysis
Kimberly-Clark’s has laid a foundation across the globe with its history of quality of disposable paper products categories, which has given a great deal of recognition with its marketing development. The company has a list of strong brands with levels of customer recognition and trust.
 Kimberly-Clark’s has a responsive research and development team that are able to meet the changes of the customers wants and needs at any given time.
 Kimberly-Clark is a non-woven business and produces its own polymer-based non-woven products.
 The company has been successful with there on creative marketing strategies.
Kimberly-Clark continues to rely on “Reliance of Americas” for the majority of all there sales.
 Kimberly-Clark vs Procter & Gamble in the Chinese market: Kimberly-Clark has not built a good reputation with the Chinese.
 Kimberly-Clark’s has facilities in China with some leading brands but do not participate in establishing a Chinese marketing relationship
 Kimberly-Clark diaper line has a 34% percent accountability for its finances and those have drop since 2007-2012, the cost of raw material have resin and increase competition.

Kimberly-Clark is one of the global world leaders in paper products, and or considered the most vibrant disposable paper products maker in 2010-2014. There is plenty of growth within the markets and with that growth; it gives more spending power to the consumer. When the consumer’s lifestyles change retailers, strategy changes and brings more growth to the market. That gives opportunity to build more facilities around the world.

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