Summary of Developing Theory from Strategic Management Research in China

Published: 2021-09-07 07:30:14
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Summary of Developing theory from strategic management research in China by Yuan Li and Mike W Peng, 2008
The research issue presented in this paper is a theoretical gap between the global theory developments with that of China in the field of strategic management. This is despite the fact that Chine being the most studied country as indicated in the high presence of articles in the Asia Pacific Journal of Management (58%). This paper attempts to map the most common approaches of theory development in China context, identifying recent efforts on it and also recommended approach deemed suitable to bridge between China and the global theory development.
The author classifies 3 approaches of theory development in Chin, summarized in the following figure:
Approach Advantages Disadvantage
Chinese local scholars: China-specific theories Highly unique and indegenious theories may be developed Lacks theoritical background, unlikely to be tested universally, lack of support on scientific methodology
Chinese trained in the West returned to Chinese Business Schools: validating western theories in China Broaden range of western theories, enhance understanding of Chinese realties from western perspective, likely to be tested by non Chinese speaking scholars Possible misfit between western (mostly US) theories and Chinese realilities e.g: on private firms in the US and state-owned enterprises in China.

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