Starbucks - Analyzing Performance Segment

Published: 2021-09-13 12:30:08
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2. Analyzing Performance Segment
Total Segment Market = 20.685 Million Cases
Procter and gamble have two brands operating in the given segment
Joy - 12.1%
Dawn - 14.1%

In all the two given brands capture 223 Million out of 298 Million which makes up to 75% of the market share in the given segment.

3. Analyzing Mildness Segment
Total segment Market = 21.867 Million Cases
Procter and Gamble have brand Ivory in the given market segment.
Ivory - 15.5%
The given brand will make up to 42% of the market.

4. The Company does not have any product in the price market segments.


As per the information given in the case the given market will increase only marginally and the individual segment is not expected to change much. Hence the company need to formulate its strategy based on the current scenario.

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