Sports Nutrition

Published: 2021-09-14 10:35:09
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Good Afternoon, everyone, do you think your diet may affect your sports performance?

Actually, it would! A successful athletic performance, is a blend of genetics, good training, and a proper approach to nutrition.

Sports nutrition is related to those who perform and practice sports, which means not only athletes, coaches, but also me and you who do sports activities.

The appropriate selection of foods can enhance the athletes' strength, endurance, performance in training and promote recovery after exercises.

There are numerous research stated that, insufficient energy intake, will impair health of athlete, adequate nutrition may improve health of athlete, and undereating will be detrimental to their health and performance.

There are also articles saying that, insufficient intake of carbohydrate or protein from meat, will impair the performance in sports.

Adequate protein intake is important to build and repair muscle tissue, replace red blood cells, produce hormones, and enhance the immune system. Hard training does increase the protein needs of the endurance athletes, but the requirement can easily be acquired through diet alone.
Some might take supplements or protein milk and skip normal meals. However, protein supplements are more expensive than real foods and lack important micronutrients such as iron and zinc that foods can provide. This may lead to an unbalanced diet and worsen ones' performance.

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