Spherical Mirror

Published: 2021-09-14 10:25:09
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Spherical mirror, a piece cut out of a reflective sphere, has one of its side opaque and the other side highly polished. Depending upon the nature of the reflecting surface of the mirror, the spherical mirror is classified as convex and concave mirror. When the reflective surface of a curved mirror bulges toward the light source, it is called convex or diverging mirror whereas when a reflecting surface of a curved mirror bulges inward (away from the incident light), it is called concave or converging mirror. Convex mirrors are not used to focus light as they reflect light outwards. They always form a virtual image, since the focus (F), a point in which the rays of light meet after being reflected or refracted, and the centre of curvature (C), the centre of the hollow sphere from which the mirror has been cut , are both imaginary points , which cannot be taken on screen. However, Concave mirrors are used to focus light as they reflect light inward to one focal point. They show different image types depending on the distance between the object and the mirror.
To observe the position and characteristics of images produced by curved mirrors.
All images produced by the convex mirror will be virtual, upright and less magnified; however, the image produced by concave mirror will vary according to the position of the object.
Mirrors (concave and convex)
Meter ruler
Holding blocks
Plain white paper
Focal length of concave mirrors.

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