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Published: 2021-09-14 10:20:10
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Unit 10P2andM1: Summer Evans

Barriers to Health and Social Care

Help - Financial Barriers
* Income
* Travel Costs/Parking Costs
* Family Needs
* Transport costs money (even if the hospital is a long way to go)
* Cost of subscription - some people may not be able to afford
* Time of work - if you have an appointment for hospital and you miss one day of work it also means you have lost some of your wages.
Problems Caused -
* Some people may not choose to go to their hospital appointments and they will miss their treatment
* Childcare
* Cost of description are high - having to choose headache tablets for yourself but however to overcome them -
* Decisions have to be made
* Some hospitals will allow you cheaper parking/in some circumstance maybe free parking spaces can be allowed for certain parking hours
* Social services can grant and give you extra money or provide travel passes

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