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Published: 2021-09-13 16:05:10
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I like most of the music, I the only music I don't listen to is country. Never really liked it and don't think I will ever like it. The type of music I listen to everyday is Rap, Hip-Hop, and or R&B. It doesn't affect how I live my life, I guess by the way I dress and act with people. I just got so used to it I didn't pay it any attention. The way I dress has influenced me because I look at the music videos or what the stars are wearing and I mix-n-match my clothes to the style they have. The way I talk and act has affected me to, when you hear something a lot you start to say it to or act the same way also. The type of movies I like to watch is comedy, action, romance, and drama. The only type of movie I don't like to watch is horror films, because after I watch them I can't fall asleep, I have the worst nightmares about them for weeks. TV shows can differ all the time for me, I can like a show one night and hate it the next but I always watch B.E.T. That's my number one channel to watch every day. My favorite show to watch is Phinese and Furb, every morning when I wake up at 6:00 I turn the TV on The Disney Channel and watch my show for about thirty-minutes. Watching cartoon shows just makes me happy in the morning; it makes my day, put a big smile on my face. I never got tired of watching cartoons. There are many different books I read, I can read any type of book it doesn't matter because I love to read. The things I watch or read affects the way I live a little bit I guess. You kind of want to do the same as other people or get some ideas from them. What you say or do or act isn't just from you but you might of picked it up from some other place. I can say that because that's what I do, what I hear a lot of or see a lot of I start to do it myself sometimes just to be doing it or I don't realize it until my parents tell me to stop it.

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