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Published: 2021-09-13 15:50:10
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In the smartphone industry, the threat of rival sellers is strong. There are five major competitors in this industry and all are highly profitable organizations seasoned in the art of innovation and competition. Each of these main competitors is stable enough to use its cash reserves in promotional campaigns or strategic acquisitions to swipe market share from the Android. Since the industry is growing so quickly, some shifting in market share without long term results can exist. (Tudor, & Pettey, 2010)

Less than 3 years ago, RIM faced little to no competition from the likes of industry heavyweights, Google and Apple. Today, the story is different. RIM faces intense competition from Apple and Google, but also from emerging vendors like HTC and traditional device makers like Samsung, Motorola and LG, all late entrants to the Smart phone market, but fast catching up. RIM is not sitting still. It is hitting back with new devices, plans for iPad like tablets, overhauling the much maligned User Interface on its devices, and revamping its OS. In short, RIM is reinventing the company, as it enters a new phase in its evolution from an email device vendor to a soups to nuts end-to-end mobile services and solutions company. While this transition was inevitable considering the fact that the industry landscape has changed so precipitously over the past two years, it needs to move faster into new territories to address emerging market opportunities while delivering workhorse style durable devices that provide exceptional value to consumers and enterprises.

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