Sin Taxes: Are We Achieving Its Promise?

Published: 2021-09-13 14:35:09
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Rammarius Markus B. Advincula l 2010-00881Sin taxes: Are We Achieving its Promise?An Economic Analysis of the Effectiveness of Sin Tax Law in Achieving Its Perceived EffectsOn December 20, 2012 the Sin Tax Law Bill was signed by President Nonoy Aquino. House Bill 5727, or the Sin Tax Bill, aims to restructure the existing taxes imposed on alcohol and tobacco goods, as they say. Sin Tax MotivationThose who drafted the law cited the increasing number of "sin product" users. According to the Department of Health (DOH), the Philippines has an estimated 17.3 million tobacco consumers, the most number of smokers in Southeast Asia. Filipinos on average consume 1, 073 cigarette sticks annually, while the smokers in the region consume less than a thousand sticks yearly. Smoking is responsible for 71 percent of lung cancer deaths in the world. Consequently, lung cancer is the leading form of cancer in the Philippines. DOH statistics reveal that 10 Filipinos die every hour because of smoking.Meanwhile, drinking alcohol, though effects are relatively less severe health-wise than smoking, has posed a number of costs on the individual and society: It has caused crimes as influenced by alcohol, fetal deformities, significant addition in healthcare expenditure and etc.Sin Tax Law ProvisionsThere are two provisions that will be of focus in this study:Maintain the specific form of excise taxation (e.g., per piece, per pack, per proof liter) to discourage consumption, have more revenues that are predictable and easier to administer, and devoid of incentives for manufacturers and importers with under-invoice products;

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