Significant Health Care Event

Published: 2021-09-10 13:20:10
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Running Head: SIGNIFICANT HEALTH CARE EVENTWalkellia Milledge-BrisbonFebruary 22, 2016HCS/531, Dr. KehoeSignificant Health Care Event“The Affordable Care Act”The Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is the new health care reform law in America. This act has adopted the name “ObamaCare”. President Barack Obama signed this reform law in 2010. Many of the plans are already implemented and will be ongoing until the year 2022. The Affordable Care Act and Patient Protection plans  are derived from the Patient Protection Act, the Affordable Health Care for America Act, and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act. This reform allows insurance customers total control of their health care again.  The Affordable Care Act allows the American people to obtain the knowledge to make the correct decision about their health. The Affordable Care Act has some pros and cons just as every other law has; yet, it has definitely impacted the historical evolution of health care. This law has given many working individuals access to health insurance that didn’t have any. Overall everyone benefits from the Affordable Care Act. Employers of large entities have to insure their full time workers and small business owners who offers the option of health insurance to their workers are eligible for tax breaks. 80% of Americans who currently have health insurance will be able to take full advantage of new benefits that are available and the 15% of Americans who do not have health care coverage will be able to select from affordable health care plans. These plans are provided through the State’s marketplace of health insurance.  On the marketplace, there are four types of Qualified Health Plans that are available. Lots of people will want to choose the plan that is lower out of pocket; however, those plans aren’t always the best plans. The high deductible plan would cost you less in premiums, but your deductible would be more if you have to use the insurance. Just as other countries, the Affordable Care Act is set into place to create a national health care system for the United States of America.  Just as it is in majority of European countries like France, has the best health care system worldwide, the United States should be able to have health care available from birth to death of their citizens. In France, citizens are given a European Health Insurance Card so that they are able to use it for medical treatment in case of an emergency.  In Canada, health care is also provided to all of their citizens. These services assure that all citizens are eligible for health care with limited exceptions. This method has worked for them for many years. If the United States is able to adopt some of the methods used in these countries, the Affordable Care Act will have many successful years as well.

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