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Published: 2021-09-13 15:35:12
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The shot was cut from "Spring in a small town". Which is a film taken in 1948, told an awkward love story among four young person. Liyan and Yuwen was a couple didn't love each other. Zhicheng was the wife Yuwen's old lover but also the husband Liyan's old friend and Liyan's little sister's crush.
In this shot, three of the four main characters showed up: Yuwen, little sister and Zhicheng. At the beginning of the shot, Yuwen was lying on the bed and seemed like headache and anxious. The director used medium shot first and zoom out slowly. And the light was from the left side. It could bright the character's upper part of the body, which can make audiences focus on character's face expression and body language.
As the cmera zooming out, other two characters were singing the "Lovely rose" and walking into the room. Our first character Yuwen got more anxious when she heard their voice. She even sat up one time but finally lied back to the bed. This body motion could tell us the fight within Yuwen's heart. Zhicheng, the man she loved was singing and drinking with another lady, she wanted to stay with him but she couldn't do that in the real world. The prop I noticed till now was the mocket in Yuwen's hand. She was being restless cause she held that mocket so tight.
The camera came further and the little sister got in the room. She sat on the chair looked to the right side of the frame. Then Zhicheng showed up with singing from that side. The little sister was a lovely young lady, she looked so happy when she heard Zhiching singing. The body move of little sister totally expressed her love to Zhicheng.

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