Short Stack Is a Great Band - Never Judge a Book by It's Cover

Published: 2021-09-13 15:25:10
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"Never judge a book by it's cover"

This qoute is indeed relevant to Aussie band Short Stack. They may have big hair, look odd, but they have millions of fans out there who love them for who they are.
The band consists of members, Shaun Diviney (lead vocals, electric guitar), Andy Clemmensen (backing vocals, bass), and Bradie Webb (drums, programming). Formed in 2005, the three members met on the train while attending Broadmeadow high school in Newcastle. That year, they played countless amounts of underage gigs, and entered themselves in several battle of the band competitions. One of which being Youthrock, a competition for school-based bands. They failed to pass the first round in 2005, but then returned in 2006 to place 3rd. This was where they met Trevor Steel and Chris Johns of indie label "Sunday Morning Records", who would then go on to sign the band in 2007. Over time Short Stack accumulated a dedicated fanbase of 13 year old girls through social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Their YouTube channel, well known for "Short Stack TV" has won many YouTube awards including "#29 most viewed of all time - Australia". Since the beginning, Short Stack have accumulated many achievements such as; twice being named channel [v]'s Oz Artist of the year, a gold selling album, three top ten singles, aria number one chart award and a platinum selling single. They have also shared the stage with many real artists such as McFly, Hellogoodbye, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte and The Veronicas, many of which while still completing their HSC.

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