Shattered Glass Reflection

Published: 2021-09-13 15:15:10
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Republic of the Philippines[pic 1][pic 2]Southern Luzon State UniversityCOLLEGE OF ENGINEERINGLucban, QuezonPROJECT PROPOSALPROJECT PROFILEProject TitleDESIGNING AND PUTTING FIRE PROOF HOLLOWBLOCKS MADE FROM SEASHELLS IN CHEMICAL LABORATORY IN COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCESProponentsAZAÑES, ANTHONY CHRISTIAN R.EVANGELISTA, MARION SAM V.PAMIS, STEVEN JEORGE C.SAHAGUN, KENNETH DERWIN B.TUMAMBING, JOHN MARI C.(BSME/ II-A)Implementing College UnitSouthern Luzon State UniversityCollege of Arts and SciencesProject SiteSouthern Luzon State UniversityCollege of Arts and Sciences AreaProject DurationJune 2017 – December 2017Total Project CostP320, 000-P550, 000Project Brief Executive SummaryThe study is all about making fire proof hollow blocks using seashells as its main material. Hollow blocks are given to be a fire proof material but due to rains, their structures are weakened over time. Seashells have great durability that can withstand rains for a long period of time that is why seashell hollow blocks have advantage than the ordinary ones. The fire proof hollow blocks will be used to build a laboratory. Accidents may occur while experimenting specifically explosions that will caused to set the laboratory in fire. The seashell hollow blocks will prevent it to spread and to lessen the damage caused. If possible, the researchers will implement it in areas that are prone from fires. Project Proper:Introduction:The study aims to create a durable and fireproof hollow blocks that can withstand great compressive strengths. The seashell hollow blocks will be a perfect substitute material for the commercial hollow blocks since it has a low cost production and more durable than the commercial ones. The researchers tend to use the mussel or crustacean shells as the main material in order to create a hollow block because it has an extra durability than most shells are. The researchers will use these hollow blocks in order to build a chemical laboratory since this type of laboratory is prone of fires due to the experiments. This study also can help the environment due to the fact that it can lessen the pollution because of the simple process that the researchers will be doing. Rationale:The reason for this study is to help universities and schools to create a safer laboratory that has a low cost production and has a fireproof attribute since its main material will be a hollow block that has mussel shells in it. Having a fireproof attribute in hollow blocks is common but because of the acid rains that occurs often, it can affect the structural and chemical component of the commercial hollow blocks that might affect its performance. Mussel shells can endure more pressure than the commercial hollow blocks because of its components. Based on researches, It consist of 95% Calcium carbonate and because of its high calcium content, it encourages growth and bone formation. It has the highest percentage of Calcium carbonate among the shells.

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