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Published: 2021-09-04 01:30:12
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Based on Herman (1998), growth rate is an essential performance indicator that demonstrates the effect of technological decisions. Many researchers like Maidique & Patch, Burgelman & Rosenbloom have study the factors that influence the successful of a firms in the industrial automation sector, they found that one significant factor is technology strategy, which include the decision patterns, competitor position and the management decision perspectives on technology activities. Researcher stated that firm's technology strategy like technology selection, technology competence and technology posture can influence the company revenue growth.

Technology selection is the specialization and value of the core technologies that a firm adapts. In term of technology selection, the higher the value of selected technology, the higher its revenue growth. This is because high value technology can help company create products in minimum cost but higher value, therefore its help in enhancing the competitive advantages of the automation company. Besides, if these high-value technologies are hard to imitate then the automation company can continuously outperform its competitor and enjoy the high revenue growth in long term.

Technology competence is the precise of technology that used by the firm and measures the degree of specialization of a firm's technologies. The higher degree of technologically competent automation, the higher degree of revenue growth can obtain by Automation Company. This is due to the forms of 'know-what', 'know-how', and 'care-why' in technology competence can assist in underline the critical capabilities to build blocks in technical competencies. 'Know-what' is the cognitive knowledge or basic mastery of the automation discipline. 'Know why' is the understanding of automation system and the cause-and-effect relationship. 'Care why' is the motivation and adaptability needed for success.

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