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Andersons of Durham

The Client

Andersons of Durham is a family business that has been established for over 40 years selling a wide range of quality brand shoes and clothing. They have two retail outlets in Durham city, as well as a well-established e-commerce website. The Andersons team pride themselves in providing great quality products and excellent customer service.

The Challenge

Andersons came to Virtuoso looking to develop their digital marketing strategy to improve their online visibility and promotion techniques, using a variety of digital marketing tools to achieve these objectives.  Already using Google AdWords, they wanted a reporting structure which would let them know how effective the campaigns were.

The Solution

Virtuoso provides Andersons of Durham with a bespoke Outsourced Marketing Package that best suits their business objectives and needs. On-going SEO is incorporated into this package as this is particularly important for e-commerce websites and to complement this, Google AdWords campaigns were set up for a variety of their products coupled with reporting analytics showing exactly what the outcome and margins were on individual products. Social media channels were set up and integrated with their corporate branding to make sure they looked great and consistent with the look and feel of their website. An email marketing strategy was developed, with a variety of campaigns mapped out, concentrating on the seasonal nature of the fashion industry. All of the marketing activities are closely monitored with monthly reports detailing the successes.

The Result

Andersons now use a variety of digital marketing tools to promote their products and engage with their target audiences, helping them to achieve their aims and objectives.  With much more clarity and transparency on costs through their AdWords campaigns they can now plan more effectively how best to target customers online. With a robust marketing plan covering the website, email marketing and SEO they are well placed to move forward and deliver greater results.