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This week we have Sarah on work experience from St.Anthony’s Girls Catholic Academy and each day she will be sharing design news on our blog.  Sarah has just started in year 11 and has a keen interest in Art & Design and Product Design.

Here’s her first blog covering her top 5  web design blogs.

This page is an analysis on web design blogs that viewers may find appealing and that have a unique style to their website.

Grain edit

useful web design blog | grain edit

This web design blog is appealing to many viewers because of the vintage and modern theme to the inspiration available to view. There are a number of interviews with the designers and their views on their own work. Many of the designers do graphic and hand based artwork to incorporate into larger pieces of finished projects. This blog also has varied cultured designers, which makes the website have a more varied feel and look to the type of designers that are attracted to this certain website.


The design blog

useful web design | the design blog

This design blog has a unique approach to the opening page of the company’s website. This blog is appealing and eye catching because of the use of colours and tones used to draw attention to the viewer’s first visit. Also¸ a range of different cultured bloggers have posted their work on to the website; this makes the website varied in many subjects.


Youthe designer

useful web design | youthedesign

This is a graphic design blog which presents many inspirational ideas to give the viewer a range of ideas that they may include in their own work. The entire website is categorised into many pages of inspiration, articles of resources and tutorials of step by step guides to creating presentational graphics and logo design. This has a style of its own which has a strong but simple effect on the viewer’s eye. It is also focused on the younger viewer which encourages younger designers.


Graphic design blog!

useful web design | the graphic designer

This graphic design blog attracts the viewer’s attention because of the presentation and layout of the opening page. It gives the viewer a chance to view other designer’s portfolios, whilst inspiring their own. There are links to many varieties of designers, including themed website and graphic designers. It also gives the viewer or new and upcoming designer to upload some of their work for other designers to view and make useful criticism.


Veerle’s blog

useful web design | veerle's blog

This blog is attractive to many viewers because of the different tones and themes incorporated in the presentation and content of the website. In the opening page of the website, there are several colour changes pictures, which give the whole look retrospective; this is due to the faded and different shaded pictures. Also, the articles included in this website are featured posts that have uploaded work of new designers that are aiming to be recognised by people who enjoy and appreciate their work.

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